2003 citroen berlingo

2003 citroen berlingo

2003 citroen berlingo
2003 citroen berlingo
Then the VAZ 2108, arrived from the GDR with a mileage of 250 tons, for almost 40 more it took only a box and a chassis. Then I went up to WV Bora 1.6, rode a little bit, changed it to Maxima 2.0, changed it to an apartment. And, finally, we got to the first participant in the comparison, this is a VAZ 2111 with a 1.5 engine with 16 valves and 92 hp. I ride on it for 3 years, and drove almost Initially, there was Lovato gas equipment, which greatly saved the family budget. This winter I bought another Berlingo 2003 onwards, and we will mainly talk about it. And also sometimes I ride someone else’s Amulet, it will also be in our mini test.
I’ll make a reservation right away that my opinion is purely subjective, as they say, how many people have so many opinions … To begin with, about Berlingo. Engine 1.4 75 hp Of the “amenities” only power steering, airbag, front belt pretensioners. I bought from a pensioner, apparently a great lover of Citroens, he came to a meeting on a service C5, and, having sold me Berlingo, he went to buy C4 Picasso. Winter… 2003 citroen berlingo
We arrived at the locked garage, dug it out, opened it, and here it is the old social hardening, the car not only didn’t drive in winter, it also stood on props, the wheels hang nearby on hooks, the exhaust is plugged with a cork, and the brake discs are in grease . In general, only two hours later we went to the Sitoren Center for an inspection. On native summer tires it was terrible. The officers, having examined it, said everything is OK, native mileage (36t.), They took 1900 rubles. (bastards) and invited to 45t. to change oil and filters. Smiling, they said that it was inexpensive-7000r.
I changed everything myself with consumables-1800r. But it’s all poetry…
Don’t be afraid, come closer.
To start with painting. In appearance, the Berlingo is painted just fine, though not metallic. But, the train began to notice a lot of small chips on the front and left sides of the car. A very thin coat of paint. Under the paint is a white primer. But, despite this, I did not find any traces of corrosion on the body-bottom, it can really be galvanized as it is written. The bottom from the factory was treated with some kind of mastic, the old owner said that apart from pushing in the cavities, he didn’t do anything else. Against this background, the painting of 2111 looks bad – mainly due to unevenness, somewhere smooth, and somewhere not very. But the paint is thicker than on Berlingo – there are much fewer chips in the same time. Not much corrosion. Appeared only at the bottom of the front doors and in places where the A-pillars and the roof were welded. But they say it’s a disease. Chery’s paint quality is somewhat better than that of 2111, but in two years local corrosion spots have already begun to appear. Especially noticeable when you lift the hood…
Body rigidity at Berlingo is also on the level. During jacking, all doors open and close without tension. In 2111, it is somewhat difficult to open with such a procedure. and close doors, back without changes. It should be noted that open the rear door only with the third press of the button, if you adjust the lock the first time, it opens on the go. Chery has a normul with front doors, but when jacking up, the back door does not open at all. And the owner of another Amulet said that the hood clearance changes when the front end is raised. In our Amulet, the gap practically did not change.
Well, let’s sit down.
Berlingo has one undoubted advantage – a sliding back door, like in a gazelle. But in my configuration only on one side. On the driver’s side, you can move the front seat like in a figure eight, and not only the back leans, but the entire seat moves forward, so there are no problems with landing back. Also in my configuration there are no power windows. Cherie also has 2111. On the Berlingo, the four rear windows open slightly outwards. The back door is very large and heavy, but in the rain you can sit well under it without bending down. Cherie has the most pleasant sound when opening and closing doors, despite a slight backlash.
The first thing that catches your eye when you enter (just enter) Berlingo is the side mirrors. They are so chic that you can even see the rear wheels, there are practically no dead zones. Are configured manually. Moreover, the setting does not go astray even after a thorough wash, it was always very annoying in 2111. The French probably did not have enough glass for the interior mirror, compared to the side mirrors, nothing is visible in this absurdity. The seats are quite hard, with good lateral support, but not very comfortable. I liked it more in 2111, but the Frenchman’s landing itself is higher and more comfortable. Although there is one incident – if you sit comfortably, then you can’t see more than one control lamp on the dashboard. The odometer is also hidden behind the wheel.
Places in the cabin is very, well, a lot! Two boards, one of them with a lid, in the middle of the torpedo there are two places for radio tape recorders, 1DIN and 2DIN, and with a lid, there is another recess to the left of the steering wheel, at the top, above the windshield – a shelf, behind two more, under the feet of the rear passengers two huge lockable niches, plus shelves in the doors, where a total of 9 polatorashki fit with a whistle. Well, like everything. Behind, three adult men can easily be accommodated, besides, there is no tunnel on the floor behind. Salt trim, although made of cheap materials, is well fitted and does not hold anything together.
The review of the knees is rather due to the high, somewhat stool-like landing, the wide front pillars interfere a little. The most comfortable seats of all three cars in the back of Chery, in the driver’s seat, are not very pleasant due to the fact that a very sharp plastic corner rests on the right leg in the climate control area. Yes, and cheapness in everything is somehow morally depressing. Now there are 78 on the odometer of the Amulet, since there are no less crickets in the cabin than in the ten-year-old eight. There are two opinions about Cherie’s trunk – it’s big, but why make an uneven floor is not clear. In 2111, there is the least amount of space in the cabin, but there is also a squeak for 140 less than in Cheri.
Start up, let’s go.
Berlingo has dependent torsion bars at the back, which allows you to load 600-700 kg without any problems.