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Animal Kororo Game Review

The new Nintendo DS game, Animal Kororo, is a fantastic example of a great touchscreen game. It uses bunnies as the main subject, and has a fun touch-screen interface. The game requires you to rotate your bunnies to the mom panel, whilst avoiding collisions with other bunnies. The objective can be to gather all of the bunnies in your collection before time runs out.

The game is mostly a puzzle game similar to the well-liked puzzle ppsspp gold games for android games Bejeweled and PuzzleQuest, but with adorable animals instead of gemstones. The object is to match identical animals or dogs. The game has a touch screen software and a reasonable amount of animation. Additionally, it has an attack mode that limits the quantity of time it will take to finish each level.

The game is straightforward to learn and easy to play. You may served a hand up to nine charge cards and will need to match the coloured signs on the charge cards to create the best mix. The goal of the sport is to acquire as many corresponding pairs as you can and obtain an excellent score in the act.