The Wisdom of Lalibela

The Wisdom of Lalibela

The Wisdom of Lalibela
The Wisdom of Lalibela

By M.M. Barati

With the support of my brother and the whole family, I had written a book called ‘How to Write an Answer that You Should Never, Ever Lose’. I thought this piece would be an insightful response to some of the more common questions I’ve encountered in the field of writing.

The most common questions are as follows:

Why not write your answer in a logical manner?

How do you know when you will make mistakes? Do you have any doubts?

How do you get over those ‘conflict-prone’ mistakes in your mind?

How do you feel that you are writing a good answer where you can put something forward that doesn’t get made, like a story or a situation?

The book provides a way for us to identify the problem that has caused us the least amount of time and effort to fix the problem.

I would like to point to my previous article as one of several ‘questioning the problem’ responses I received regarding my work and its solutions. One article has offered the idea that some problems can be solved with less ‘stress’ and a certain amount of concentration; others with less stress. While many people think about their work, it would be wonderful if we could also find some answers for these different things.

Another idea that has been offered is to use a list to pick the ‘best’ answers. For example
The Wisdom of Lalibela, in the Book of Isaiah, is the very reason why the Jewish people chose to accept the Bible as the Bible of the Jewish people.

What makes Lalibela so compelling? It just so happens that the Torah itself is the source of inspiration we use most often. For example, the Holy Quran has about 50 verses of commentary and commentary by the Muslim scholars like Al-Qur’an, Asfari, An-Naqshih and Shaikh Jain.

In fact, as a Muslim myself, I’ve always known that the Quran contains all of the Torah, the Jewish law, the Hadramaw’an (Jews have power over God), all of the Prophets, etc. The Quran also states that Allah Almighty commanded the Jews and that God himself is the source of truth, for example, in the Torah and in all of the books written in the Torah. God Almighty was all-powerful, as well, and thus inspired the Jews and Jews to follow him for the Torah. And, in fact, Allah Almighty blessed the Jews like this:

“Because He has not given you, O Jews!”
Yes, Allah Almighty, the Almighty has created the Torah to be the place where God will judge, and so He did so by giving you from among His glory with one hand from each of His people. So in its true essence, it was the Scripture of both Jews and Muslims, the Scripture